The Spider mine is on the south side of Pool Creek, 2.7 kilometres by steep road southeast of Camborne.

The first discovery of ore in this area was made in 1910 on the Spider claim. Development work continued until 1949 during which there were small intermittent shipments of hand-sorted ore. Sunshine Lardeau Mines Ltd. acquired the property and initiated a diamond drilling program which discovered Nos. 4 and 5 veins in 1950.

Berens River Mines Ltd., mined and milled ore from 1952 to 1958. Production was 128,063 tonnes with a recovered grade of .09 oz./ton Au., 12.2 oz./ton Ag, 8.6% Pb, and 9.14% Zn.

A mill was installed in the old Meridian building on Pool Creek in May 1952. Concentrates were transported by truck to Beaton and thence by the Arrow Lakes barge to the rail-head at Nakusp and from there to smelters in the United States.

Berens River Mines Ltd. provided additional funding to gain control of operations and, in 1953, No. 10 adit was driven. In 1956 the company was liquidated and operations passed to Newmont Mining Corp. Mining and milling operations were suspended on May 14th, 1958.




The Teddy Glacier property is located at 2200 metres elevation on Mount McKinnon ( home to the receding Teddy Glacier ) 16 kilometres north of Beaton. Access is 30 kilometres by road from Beaton via the main Incomappleux River and Sable Creek roads.

The property was staked in 1924 by G. Ritchie and G. Edge. High grade float strewn for 300 metres downslope led these prospectors to the mineral occurrences at the foot of the receding Teddy glacier.

Teddy Glacier Mines, Ltd. was incorporated in 1924 by F.R. Blockberger. A trail was opened to the property in 1925, and in late 1926 a crosscut adit was begun just below the main showing. The adit was advanced to the vein during 1927 and then work stopped.

No further activity was reported until a syndicate, financed by Mines Selection Trust of London, began extensive development work in 1934. A considerable amount of money was spend on equipment, trails and camp buildings. Also, at this time, about 500 metres of drifting and crosscutting was done in the upper adit.

In 1959 the property was acquired under joint ownership by Sunshine Lardeau Mines Ltd., Maralgo Mines Ltd. and Magnum Consolidated Mining Co. Ltd.

Work by this consortium during 1963 included geological mapping, sampling of the underground workings and 150 metres of diamond drilling in six holes.

Diamond drilling was done in 1980 and an airborne geophysical survey was done in 1987. The property was held by K-2 Resources Inc. (formerly Sunshine Columbia Resources Limited) in 1987.



         Above:   Views from the Galena Bay to Shelter Bay ferry, Upper Arrow Lake          




Teddy Glacier Mine - courtesy Arrow Lakes Historical Society



      Camborne  1903                               Camborne Hotel                                    Camborne    1900's

courtesy Arrow Lakes Historical Society


Photo 5. Ore bin, No.8 Adit, Spider Mine, Pool Creek area.

obtained from BC Geological Survey